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    I think TZbrown is right on the hook distance. Your hook looks good if a little dull but not close enough to the needle. With the looser weave of webbing you get a little more forgiveness but your poly might be closing the curtain too much. Also the tensioner spring could effect the thread slipping off the hook. I always tell people that sewing machine repair is a black art, not a science. What works on one machine isn't always the case on another.

    Just keep trying, everything looks functional and it's very likely just one or two things are throwing you off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pag View Post
    I always tell people that sewing machine repair is a black art, not a science. What works on one machine isn't always the case on another.
    Ain't that the truth.
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    Important thread injector guidelines especially for Newbies

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    Solved !

    Solved, it works again :-)
    Here the last video with what I have done and the result:

    Some answers for mr TZBrown

    2. does it go from the tension discs and spring through the guide to the left of the thread tension and then up to the lift arm, then back through the same guide and on to the needle?
    If it goes as the second description we are missing something still in the threading near the tension spring.

    Yes, it is like number 2, and the problem with the tensioning is solved by your other suggestion below

    Is there a set screw to the right of the thread tension device in the body of the machine? Does it hold the complete tension device into the machine?
    If there is one it may be possible that the complete tension device has rotated clockwise and moved the spring out of position.
    Some machines have this feature, and since your tension center screw is slotted yours may,
    If you have that feature, loosen the setscrew and rotate the complete assembly counter clockwise until the pin from the rear plate is at 12:00 and then tighten up the screw, re thread and try again.

    I have turned it, not to 12 as it didn't make much different, but I put it to 10.00 hours, and now the tensioning is in my eyes perfect :-)

    In vid 4 the hook is quite a ways from the needle. at 1:04 of the vid you can see a set screw in the left side of the screen. scribe the shaft and the rotating part first,
    loosen the screw and move the part closer to the needle

    Done, and I have again a working thread injector / sewing machine !

    Thank you all for your time and input, it was really helpful, and especially you Mr TZBrown

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    So glad it finally worked out

    I would use about 7 stitches per inch in that polyester.

    In your video they were much closer together

    Keep working with the spring position and the tension until there is no continuous thread on top or bottom.
    Since the thread goes left, from the tension discs, you may end up with the whole assembly turned so the pin is at 9:00 or so

    The twist / knot should be inside the material and not showing on either side.

    Glad we could help
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