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The JRB Bear Mountain is a great hammock and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to be almost completely flat or needs a firm surface for sleeping (are you guys with back problems listening ). However, the
Dino leg just could not handle the firmness of the bottom of the hammock.

The leg has circulatory problems. I couldn't get comfortable in any position but on my right side in the hammock and that cut off the circulation to my leg - and I tried nine different mats to solve this - everything from 1/4' CCF to 3/4" CCF to a thermarest pro 3 to a BA insulated air core. Nothing worked - within an hour my leg was asleep. I could get into and out of the hammock unassisted (something I cannot do with any other hammock so far). I could turn over without help thanks to the extra strap supplied by JRB.

Like I said, this is wonderful hammock and I highly recommend it to anyone who finds the sag of a regular hammock to be uncomfortable.

The Dinos are now on the ground under a 10" x 12" silnylon tarp with a breathable undertent for cool weather and a bug net for warm weather.
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Is this a dino customization, or does this strap come with all the BMBs?
It does not come with all BMHs, but they supplied it to me because they were aware of my difficulties and wanted to assure I would be safe and comfortable. The Jacks of JacksRBetter (Peter Pan and Smee here)are among the most customer-conscious people in the hammock industry.