Hey all you seamsters!

I have an issue. My beautiful bride just doesn't like hammocks. So, I bought a tent for when we go together. Said tent has a pair of very nice vestibules by either door, but for some silly reason, the ground cloth does not include ground coverage for the vestibules. I ordered it anyway in hopes of being able to figure something out. My question is: If I bought some material (what would be waterproof and suitable?) and gave the vestibule dimensions, would one of you fine folks be willing to cut, sew, and seal the seams for me? I'm just not very good with a thread injector. It being a ground cloth, it would need to be waterproof. And I would like to be able to stretch it nice and tight, so the stitching would need to be pretty resistant to pulling. If anyone might be able to help me out, please PM me and let me know your price. I thought about posting this in the WTB thread, but I thought it would get more publicity here.

Thanks in advance!