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    May 2010
    Greenville, SC
    diy HH
    10' x 8' diy cat
    Full down UQ
    Whoopies w/ straps
    You are just an enabler.

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    WBBB 1.1 dbl, diy bb clone 1.7 dbl
    Superfly, eno pro
    HG phoenix, golite
    My blackbird clone went a little like this:
    Hey Mom can you sew.
    Ran to the fabric store and came right back
    Had her make me a basic gathered end.
    Got on HF and found out I wanted a Blackbird clone.
    Hey Mom can you make me another hammock?
    sure. (She thought I was making another basic hammock.)
    3 weeks later after I had her take it apart and redo it because I needed the opening on the other side because my sleeping bag zipper was on that side. Then after I took it apart to add a double layer for my sleeping pad she finally wanted to know where to order the $#@! thing. I told her how much it was and she said ok as long as I did not have her alter this one again. I said that I like this one now but our next project will be an underquilt. Guess who has a Phoenix ordered for my birthday

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