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    FS: Light Hiker Bedroll

    For sale is a 2 layer 40 degree rated Light Hiker Bed Roll from Tree to Trail gear.I have a 20 degree burrow and now just am ordering a copy cat of SteelerNations 50 degree burrow so I do not need the redundancy. I have now slept in this thing a total of 3 nights. 2 as top quilt, in around 40 degree weather with massive wind and rain with my 20 degree incubator and big daddy TQ. Performed flawlessly. I used it as an UQ one night just to try it. The sides flopped a little and the foot box does not cinch but I had no cold spots. It was almost like the inside of the footbox made a draft collar on one side. Overall I am very happy with the light versatile piece of gear, just have 3 UQ now and 2 TQ and I just need to thin things out.

    $120 Shipped - CONUS
    Color is Honey Brown
    Black taffeta lining is comfy
    Zipper to add more IX if needed
    Attached Images Attached Images
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