I am going to make a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine within the next five weeks. I have zero idea of what I am getting into. I am planning on flying, since the train would be a pain in the behind. I will be hanging. I may or may not take my Medical Alert Dog.

I have heard the bugs are awful, is that true? What kind of weather might I find? Rain, like here in Western Oregon. I assume the snow is gone. Where is a good place to hang? What costs are involved. Do I need to bring my own food, or is there shopping nearby the hang site.

My best friend from 1957 lives in Bar Harbor, so I want to visit her, however, I would rather not stay at her house...Just visit.

Alexandrea, Virgina is the farthest North on the East Coast I have traveled. I have been to Michigan and WI, but anything East of those two states.

I may have to leave my Service K9 home, if the skeeters come in clouds, as I have heard.

Are there car rental agencies in Bar Harbor. Is there decent medical care available?

Thank you in advance for any and all constructive information.