I would like to publicly thank Hammock Gear on their excellent customer service!!! Not only did they live up to the hype, they exceeded it in every way. I will not disclose the specifics of the experience, but will convey my overall thoughts of it.
I have had many transactions with hammock forum vendors and none have been negative experiences, but how many businesses make you feel like you are their only customer? Adam and Jenny have the ability to continue making quality products with a highly tuned understanding of how integral customer service is to any successful business.
I am not saying anything that hasn't been said a thousand times on this forum, but I felt like I needed to say thank you with a little more than words. Anyone sitting on the fence about an underquilt or topquilt can rest assure that they will be taken well care of by these two individuals. The testiments of repeated thanks and gratitude from other forum members speak volumes of their business ethics and practice. I wish them nothing but the success.

Signing out to pack up my "Hammock Gear" for a much needed getaway.