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    Does it get better with experience?

    Does it get better with experience?

    On Monday I took my first hammock camping trip, my bike was packed and we headed off to Dullstroom, small town in Mpumalanga South Africa. The ride there on the bikes was awesome. That night at the camp site I've noticed that I have a flat rear tire and decided to leave that and first hang my hammock.......finding the right trees in a place full of trees wasn't that easy and I had to settle for 2 big trees in the wind not far enough apart.
    That was problem #1
    Problem #2 My tree huggers was to short for these big pine trees
    Problem #3 It was gold and windy

    Luckily the wind calmed down and it was time to hit the sack

    Problem #4 had a DIY bottom quilt made from cheap sleeping bag and thin fleece blanket for the top.... I was so cold!!!
    Problem #5 after waking up every now and then I had a big need to turn on my side...tried it and it did not work.

    All and all this wasn't a bad experience and not my last

    My mosquito net worked awesome, could see the buggers trying to get in with out "suck"seeding

    Next time I'll try a sleeping pad and sleeping bag to sleep in.
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