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    First time in Rainforest, what is best?

    Hi everyone.
    This is my first time on this forum and I must say that your knowledge is incredible! I've been reading posts for the last 2 hours now and I keep getting surprised!

    Now here's my deal: I'm planning a 4 months trip in Ecuador, which will include a lot of survival in the rainforest! After months of research, almost all my gear is complete except for one major part : the hammock!
    I've been reading a lot about this (on your forum and other sources) and there seems to be some good choices out there.

    I've finally got between the Hennessy Deep Jungle Asym Zip ( and the Clark Tropical 2 (

    I was wondering if any of you could give me some of your thoughts about those hammocks, and which one you think would be better for the rainforest! Do you think the hennesy Radiant Heat Reflecting DoubleBubble Pad going to make me more protected against bites? I must say that one of my biggest concern is getting my back bitten while I'm sleeping! I also like quick and simple. I've heard good reviews on both, and they're about the same prize! That's what makes my choice a little hard!

    Thank you very much!

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    Welcome DomQc. I'm not sure about how much you plan on traveling with it. So, would weight be a factor or not? Most people find that with a double layer hammock, you won't have a bite through. For example, a Warbonnet double 1.1 has a double layer of 1.1 ripstop on bottom.

    If you're really concerned about bugs biting through, you can look up permethrin. Sawyer sells a spray on version. It's a pesticide which is inert towards humans when dried. For example, ExOfficio sells shirts impregnated with it and it keeps the bugs from biting through.

    Several thru hikers on the east coast use it because it kills deer ticks & the like when they try to crawl on your hammock or clothing. I've dunked a few of my hammocks in it & then dried them out.

    If I was going into heavy bug country that was hot, I'd get like a 1.1 single fabric with integrated bug net on top, as it would breathe better in the heat. I'd then treat it with a permethrin dunk.

    There are several hammocks that you might look at. I like the HH deep jungle asym with side zipper, the WarBonnet BlackBird (WBBB) 1.1, the Tree to Tree Trail Gear (TTTG) Light Hiker, along with a few others.

    If you're planning on a lot of rain, make sure that you get a good silnylon tarp to go with it.

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    Welcome buddy,

    Have fun in Ecuador!

    I used my Hennessy (Ultra Light Backpacker Asym) in Thai, Malay, Guatamalan, Hondurese and the Amazonian jungle with just an army poncho liner to wrap myself in. No experience with the bubble wrap thingy or the Clark. I reckon both can/should do fine...

    Never had any stingers bite through the bottom....

    Maybe I get used to the heat but I found myself needing just a bit of insulation. The cheap, albeit bulky and relatively heavy (750 gram) liner did the trick.

    In those areas I suggest raising the tarp first so you can do the rest (setting up hammock, preparing fire etc.) in relative dryness once (if) a downpour sets in.

    Those downpours fumble with your brain, taking shortcuts like not looking for ants nests, widow makers etc.

    Again have fun and welcome!

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    for insect protection, i would look to permithrin treatment. along with netting. it's hard to pin down, how long a treatment lasts but imho well worth it!

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