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    How flat is a Bridge Hammock

    There has been a lot of talk about how flat a Bridge hammock really gets you. If you look at how the spine is shaped you will see that to be truly flat will cause great pain as it causes the spine to curve in an unnatural shape.

    You can see that the shape of the spine from C1 to TH3 and L1 to L5 have a curve.
    The flat lay of a Bridge isn't really flat. Its more of a statement as to how it conforms to the shape of the back with out having to find the perfect asym lay of a gathered end hammock. This is why when a Bridge is viewed from the side the hammock does not appear to be flat. When in fact the hammock body is shaping itself to the users natural spinal shape without having to find the perfect lay.

    Disclaimer: This is not an anti-gathered end hammock thread. It also is by no means a reason to get a bridge hammock. This thread is simply an assessment of what I have experienced with the Bridge hammocks I have made and currently use. Different users may have different results.
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    Would you compare it to a "flat" memory foam mattress?

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