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    Also looking at the Specs for the ultralight and the survivor the hammock bodies are made from the same materials, the suspension lines are different 2100 lb spectra for the survivor, and 1500 lb for the ultralight. The weight limit for the ultralight is 250 lbs and the survivor is 300lbs. the total weight for the complete kits are survivor 3 lbs and the ultralight 2 lbs 2 oz. but if you look at the tarp weights survivor 23oz and ultralight 11 oz. so the reason the survivor is heavier than the ultra light appears to be the tarp and suspension. You can save weight and increase capacity by switching to stronger lighter suspension perhaps something like 7/64 amsteel either whoopies, or leave it like the stock suspension.

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    Call Hennessy Hammock and ASK them to install stronger ropes on the Exlporer UL. I had this done for my hubby's hammock. The weight rating was then 300 LB.

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