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    Last TQ question from me....temp help please

    ok, so with the new job i am lucky enough to get my quilts squared away, and im already pretty sure on a 20* UQ for "year round" use (never below freezing) but im worried the 20* TQ may be overkill. yes, in the summer heat i can use a poncho liner or something, and I might go to freezing or below on occasion, but im not a fan of camping in the cold unless its "destination" camping (ie: show up and setup, no hiking.)

    anywho, would a 20* TQ with like, 16oz of down.(keep in mind its a BIG quilt to cover my big ***) and i DO NOT layer, i usually sleep nekid.....please keep that in mind (but not the mental image....)

    I have an idea that ill just go with the 20 anyway, but still, put my mind at ease. i can only have one set of quilts ya know?

    oh, if it makes a difference i think the outer shell of the TQ will be DWR, inner shell would be breathable.
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