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It doesn't get the credibility that your more "glamorous" NP get, but Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Cleveland, OH is only 30 minutes away from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport...

However, it is consistently a top-10 most visited NP in the States, even though most have never heard of it.

Tons of trails, my favorite is the Buckeye Trail, which is well over 1000 miles in total length and circumnavigates the state of Ohio.

for info on this park and all other NP's, go to: www.nps.gov
+1 on CVNP. There's no overnight camping (except for one "group" area), but tons of trails that you wouldn't expect to see in a major metro area. I was just up there today putzing around for a few hours. There is a historical canal towpath if you like biking/ easy walks, waterfalls, gorges, cliffs, scenic trains, historic farms, bridle trails, etc. It's considered an "urban" national park, as it was all private land at one point in time that they are mostly letting "return to natural" while preserving historic aspects.

If you want to camp, there are numerous state parks in the Cleveland/ Akron area that have developed campgrounds.