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    I have the Hennessy Hyperlight. While it is a great hammock, I prefer the Warbonnet Blackbird and a larger tarp. I carry a small pad, but I rely on the quilts to insulate.
    Privet. :-) That is exactly what I'm thinking right now! BB 1.1 single layer and some of their large tarps.

    Btw, how the fabric of Blackbird feels comparing to Hennessy Hyperlight? I heard that Hyperlight feels like silk. I think that is very important. And what about skeeters resistance of BB's fabric? What are other benefits of Blackbird?

    If shipping costs to Russia are too great from two manufacturers, then get the MW3 and their Hex Tarp.
    I will use to gather all my shipments in US and send them in one bunch to my home, so that is not a problem.

    I also find that foot insulation is better in quilt form. If I wear socks my feet get cold, If I trust my UQ and TQ to keep me warm I'm better off. This is a hard lesson, but sometimes you've got to take your socks off, even in winter (note these were dry socks!).
    If you don't want to use a pad, you will need a full-length UQ. I have a 3/4 and a full-length UQ, and I can feel the difference on my legs.
    Got it.

    In my opinion, if you get a JRB Wearable Quilt and a Hammock Gear Incubator, you will be warm in most conditions.
    That is my plan for last few hours. :-)

    However, it sounds like you are base camping in one spot for a period of time and if that is the case, weight is not an issue, definitely go full length.
    I have some tricky plan to have a basecamp, and then to take my hammock, tarp, TQ&UQ, some food and other stuff (everything up to ≈7lbs) and travel overnight to close interesting spots. So I want less things to manage and do it really quick, like few minutes and I'm ready to go.
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    Both the Warbonnet and Hennessy Hyperlight feel like silk. They feel different from each other, and I like the fabric of the Hyperlight a little more. But, I prefer the WBBB because of the zipper (HH didn't have zippers when I ordered), and the shelf is helpful. The HH pouch always drops things on me, whereas the WB shelf works well.

    There won't be any difference in Hennessy versus Warbonnet for a single layer, in regards to mosquito protection. I'd go with a double layer because it is negligible additional weight, considering the extra protection against mosquitos and the ability to keep a pad in place. A HH Deep Jungle is the equivalent of the double layered WBBB, but it costs more.

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    I am very impressed by the shelf on the wbbb. I did not think much of it when ordering, but I end up putting a water bottle, flashlight, and my glasses in it, and was very impressed with how convenient it was.

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