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    Good trip report!

    I saw that you had a HHDJ. Does that have a double layer & side zipper? How wide was your reflectix? What kind of temps did you have? (like could you use it at 40*?).

    Texas sounds like my time in Alaska. Swarms of the state bird!

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    Yes double layer and sde zipper on the HHDJ. The reflectix insert is cut at the factory to fit and clips to the side tie out points. Temps were down to the low to mid 50s. I used it one night in the 30's with a Magellan mummy bag pad and fleece mummy bag liner, but that was when I was a total noob and was working mainly with what I had.

    I've decided not to use it mainly due to its bulk. It's lighter than a feather, but takes up more space than a baby rhino. It works in car camping situations, but I'd not try to pack it on an overnight, unless I was fasting. Right now, I have a PLUQ for situations down to the 50s and a DIY UQ and TQ for below that. Down here we can generally expect high 20s to low 30s as worse case scenarios.

    It does seem to be the best choice for this climate, though. The bug net worked well, especially with a schpritz of permethrin, and the double layer seems to work OK as well. I wll be getting a larger tarp as I'm somewhat unsure of the coverage the stock tarp would give in the kinds of rains we get down here.

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