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It is ready to go. The hammock can be used as shipped, the biners make it easier to use is all. To follow this line of thinking In all but the warmest times in the warmest parts of the country some form of bottom insulation is need, should he raise the price and include an under quilt as well? Or a top quilt, and then dont forget the tarp, and lines, then there is the stakes, oh and a pack to put it in Where should the line be drawn? Who should draw it? Wouldn't it be more prudent to read and ask questions BEFORE a purchase is made rather than after? I am just saying is all.
It is sold so that you can build your kit the way you want it.
Just incase this comes across as to harsh it is not meant that way.
The verbage from the warbonnet website:

"The adjustable webbing suspension is basically a cinch-buckle type suspension. If you choose this suspension, you’ll get 14’ of webbing per end. Each piece has a loop sewn into one end. You’ll place carabiners (sold separately in the accessories section) in these loops so you can simply take the webbing around the tree and clip back onto itself. All length adjustments are done by adjusting the webbing at the cinch buckle. This is by far the most quick and convenient type of suspension, and by far the most popular option."

Yes, you can 'use it as shipped' but that would be going beyond what the set up instructions tells you to do, and could result in you screwing up the suspension. I wasn't insinuating that he should be including insulation or the like I was refering to the actual hammock setup, but biners are cheap (even dutchware stuff is cheap) and adding $5-$10 to the cost of the hammock and INCLUDING them just seems like a good approach to me, especially when the instructions state to use carabiners and doesn't say how to use it without them. I purchased a dutch suspension with mine so it isn't a problem for me personally, but I can see how it could be. If not include them, at least make it more apparent in more places that you will be needing them, not drilled down into the hammock suspension area, where someone might not look when going to buy a hammock.