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Thread: The HUG bug net

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    The HUG bug net

    Hey guys first post on her and super stoked. I'm new to hammock camping but not new to camping/backpacking ect. I am looking for a bug net system for my hammock set up and I'm into the idea of the HUG because its really light and simple. The only question I'm having living in Virginia is since my lower half is exposed (but in a sleeping bag) do people notice more issues with ticks and crawly bugs? They would have a harder time getting to me but might get wrapped up in my gear if leaving camp in a hurry especially hard to see with my black hammock. Any one have any experience with this? I'm hoping it's not an issue and I'm being a little paranoid because making the HUG seems like the way to go to save weight and money.

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    You should be more than okay with the HUG net. The hammock keeps you suspended from the creepy-crawly bugs, it's really just the flyers you want to be concerned about. Having your lower half covered in a sleeping bag does a great job and the net gives you living space. It works!

    Paul is now selling the HUG or you can make one up DIY style.


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