My son and I did a quick trip to Brown Hollow and Browning Hill this weekend. We hiked in from the south end of Nebo trail about 8 miles to Brown Hollow. Half was done in the dark and was quite the challenge to find in the dark. Going from memory we had to backtrack a few times while crossing the creek. Made it to bed about 11 that night. Next morning discovered why I had trouble finding the fire pit. It was half covered by fallen trees and branches. Did a little clearing out and left a little split wood for you all that frequent the place. Next day we headed up to Browning Hill where we stopped for lunch and then continued along the trail to the next hill. We camped up on top that outcrop. Wind died down and we had a great fire. While sitting there a 3-1/2 to 4 ft copperhead came slithering along. I didn't want to kill it so I flung it a couple of times till it was a bit down the hill. It was a clear night filled with stars and a small moon. About the middle of the night the wind picked up and the temps dropped. Maybe wasn't the best site selection after all to hang at, but was a cool place to be. Hiked out about 8 miles this morning a drove home. Tired but had a good time