Just finished this tarp and I'm more than pleased with how it turned out. The dimensions are loosely based on the Warbonnet MJ tarp. It is 11' x 9' and 7' between the tie outs. First step was I wanted to make a template. This I figured would make the hardest part of the build that much easier. So, since I work in a body shop, we have 36" wide paer on a roll. I took two 11' pieces and taped them together. I then figured 1" per foot on all the cat cuts. This made it easy for my math challenged brain. After I had measured everything and wa happy, I cut it out. Next I cut two 11' pieces of 70d coated nylon from DIY Gear Supply. I had to opt for the 70d, as Scott was out of the silnylon in black. I simply had to have a black tarp and did not want to pay $9 a yd from other suppliers for my first tarp. I then sewed a flat-felled seam to join the two 11' pices together.

I then taped one half to the floor and put my template next to the seam and taped everything down. I then traced it with a marker and cut it out. I then flipped the tarp to the oher half a repeated the process. At this point, the hard part was done, as my tarp was now cut out.

Next step was to sew on reinforcements on the tie out points. I simply cut out 10" squres from 1.5 ripstop and cut them in halves as tiangles. I sewed a hem at the long end and sewed three double stitch rows across each one. After they were sewed on the corners, I simply cut off the excess.

Next step was to attach 1" grosgrain around the entire tarp. This was made easier by folding the grosgrain long ways and ironing. I simply did from one point to the next, extending the grosgrain an past each point, and then sewing. After it's sewed, simply trim off the excess and heat with a lighter, to keep from fraying. I found that using lots of pins on this step is key, as the curves make it more difficult. Also, sew a few inches at a time. This is where the tarp came out beautifully. I made sure to take my time on this step.

After that, it was a matter of just attaching tie outs with D-rings. This step was pretty simple. I just used, I believe 4 bar tack stitches.

8 yds 70d coated nylon
1 yd. 1.5 ripstop
13 yds 1" grosgrain
6 1" D-rings
guttermann thread

Total cost- $48 including shipping
DIY Gear Supply

Finished product.