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    Well I did my first offical hammock trip

    I just finished my first hammock trip and have a few questions for everyone, but first I want to say I really enjoyed the trip and am looking forward to doing more.

    First question is about the levelness of the hammock. Is it important that the tree straps or level with each other? I was slipping to one end of the hammock all night long.

    Second question I felt as if the sides of the hammock were crushing in on me all night this could be related to the first issue not sure.

    And third I have seen the ridge line tied completely separate from the rest of the hammock rigging did I have mine incorrect being as I had it tied to the hammock tension straps?

    I am looking to improve on my setup in time I really just started out and wanted to see if hammock camping was for me. I would have to give it a thumbs up with some minor exceptions mentioned above, however tent camping has caused me to end up scrunched up in the corner of a tent many times as well.

    Here are some videos of the trip and hammock setup thanks for the help

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

    Part 3 is where I setup and use the hammock


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    Wow I really enjoyed your video's thanks so much for sharing them.
    I to like hiking before the tree's have leafed out. You can really see more of the woods.

    I have had the sinking or sliding to one end issue in the hammock as well. On a slope or in the dark it is hard to judge if the hammock is level.
    A trick I have done is to switch ends, just spin 180 putting my feet at the other end.

    Something I do when the weather permits is to hang the hammock first and get the lay perfect then add the tarp.

    Thanks again for the videos they made my morning.
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    It's fairly standard practice to have the foot end higher then the head end to prevent the sliding. Start out at 6" higher and go from there.

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    So thatís why they call it the fall, cuz the leaves fall off. I liked the little mini waterfall, the sidewalk on the way to the top of that hill was very domesticated. lol The weather couldnít have been any better! It can take a few sleeps to get everything rigged right. I always go a little higher on the foot end. Nice big waterfall, plenty of room for more water too. Thanks for taking me to the top of that hill, and thanks for the video!

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