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    Minimizing weight by balancing loads on 2 legs

    Under influence of Sgt Rock's recent thread on pushing the limits:

    Is a loopie* sling the minimum-weight constrictor? It would seem so because the there is no cordage wasted on a bury for an eye.

    There are always two legs always carrying the load, so the cord strength can be halved*, and only enough tail is required to keep the loop from coming apart at full length, or, if desired, to form a half-hitch.

    What is wrong with this analysis?

    ***Another citation to come.

    *In a loopie, the bury is inserted from the other direction.

    **In a whoopie sling, most of the time the load is being carried on two legs. In some destructive tests the weak point has been in the length of cord between splice-and-bury for the eye and bury / sleeve. In other words that length we try to minimize where where just one cord carries the load.

    ***Another HF member has recently put forward this suggestion in another context. No, they would be two: Turnerminator , who appears here later, and gd___ both of whom led me here to wonder afresh about alternatives to current standard practice.
    Last edited by DemostiX; 03-29-2012 at 14:25. Reason: clarification of buries --credit to Turnerminator and gd___

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