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    Hammock material - taffeta help urgent please

    I've been looking for the best deal on some material to make a hammock. Prices are all over the place on the ripstop I can find. Usually around $5 a yard($8/yard at joanns!). diygearsupply has some 1.5oz for 3.35/yard, the best I've found so for for ripstop, but still incur shipping so its on much less than joanns for 4 yards with a 40% off coupon(if i can get one).

    However I've found a deal on nylon taffeta on ebay, $3/yard with free shipping here.

    I'm just concerned that I'll get this and find out its really not going to be strong enough and be out $12 when I could have spend a few bucks more for something I know will work.

    Here's the product description

    Taffeta is a versatile fabric used in lining,limited apparel and home decor projects. This taffeta is PERFECT LINING WEIGHT. Available in many colors.

    Width: 62"
    Color: Hunter Green
    Contents: 100% Nylon
    Fabric Weight: Light Weight
    Care Instructions: Machine wash cool, dry delicate cycle
    Hand: Slightly Crisp
    Stable NO stretch.

    Seller is uptown-fabric

    Does anyone have experience with this material, seller etc.

    Need answers asap, sale might end and the opportunity will be gone if this is a good option.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think it comes down to what you're going to do with it... and how much you weigh... Maybe RamblinRev will have an idea, but unless we've used it, who knows...

    I can say, however, that the o.d. green 2nds 1.1oz/yd holds me up just find in a single layer, and I'm 210#... That said, it stretches a lot, and a DL at my weight is more comfortable...

    The Joann's fabric is good, though doesn't feel as nice as the 1.1 from DIY gear supply... you can certainly get a 40-50% off coupon, if you have a smartphone, Joann's has an app...

    Either way, if you're over 5'6", I would start with an 11' piece of fabric. around 5'6", 10' to 10'6" would be good... long hammocks are really comfortable. (unless you're a gram counter!)

    DIY Gear supply also has lots of other useful stuff... Amsteel for whoopies, straps, "tech line" (Lash-it) for ridgelines, shock cord for tie-outs, etc.

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    The difficulty here is that taffeta is a weave pattern and not a single fabric. Taffeta is made in many different weights including lining, blouse/shirt (top), slacks/skirt (bottom). Unless you know what weight/sqyd the fabric is it would be difficult to make a determination whether or not it would be suitable. In all liklihood it could be top weight. At that price you might want to buy enough to do a double layer to be on the safe side. Taffeta is an excellent fabric for hammock bodies but without technical information whether this would meet your needs is hard to say.
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    Deal with a reliable and knowledgable supplier

    You answered your own question by expressing reasonable anxieties. (Yeah, there are such things.)

    DIYSupply meets the criterion in the Title. He'll tell you the characteristics of what he might sell you for your intended use, where nobody else can and will. Try to limit your download of his knowledge core to 5 minutes of his time, and the $15 more you may spend will be cheap insurance.

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    Actually found a better solution! Found a different supplier that does free shipping on all of their gear in the US and they have 1.9oz ripstop for $3/yard! if anyone is interested.

    I just wish I had a "local" walmart with a cloth section for the $1.50/yard deals I read so much about, however the closest wallyworld to me is like 20 miles away and probably doesn't have a cloth section, not really worth going that far out of the way on chance.

    Thanks for the replies

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