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    rope and straps
    3 years in a row cotton Brazilian hammock full time user and do not want to sleep anywere other than in hammock!
    Had been to sleep in bed at one other place, that,s much more disturbed by tossing and turning sleep.
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    When weight is not an issue I would think cotton would be more comfortable. I have an XL Brazilian hammock like Knotty's. I haven't made a permanent transition yet but it's very comfortable. You could DIY something similar with canvas or calico I would think. Even a canvas drop cloth from the hardware store has been suggested before and I don't see why not, if it's the right size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DemostiX View Post

    Did you write about this preference for one Central/ South American hammock over another in pre-historic which I mean going as far back as the lazy search engine will go, and then peeling back the curtain on another 99 pages of posts?
    The first several months of my hanging career were spent in a pre Grand Trunk Traveler, then ENO Single. After returning from my AT hike, I switched over to Brazilians and Nicaraguans. I've probably made 100 or so posts about Brazilians and half a dozen pictures. I discovered my hidden love of Mayans a couple of summers ago during a particularly hot stretch. Actually, I'm pretty sure I started a whole thread about my new appreciation of Mayans during the summer. Yep! Our lazy serarch engine found it in a couple of clicks. Here it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by DemostiX View Post
    Obviously, you have little sway here, 'cause a request has been made on probably a few occasions, for a forum on all-cotton hammocks, and ........nada
    Sub-forums are added when needed for organizational purposes, not for a fringe group. As one who helps 'organize' things around here, I have plenty of sway. Course, I'm also able to see beyond my own personal desires and do what is right for the site as a whole. Want a sub for indoor hammocks? Talk more about them. I doubt there are a dozen threads every 6 months, total, regarding indoor hammocks. Hardly enough activity for a sub. The mods here are more than aware of the desire for a indoor sub on the part of many members. I, personally, would be thrilled to have a sub about indoor hanging and hammocks. We're all just waiting, patiently, for there to be enough interest and enough chatter about the topic. But, there needs to be more than a couple dozen people out of 17,000+ members with a need for it first.
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    Setting up indoors or outdoors is so different . I think it would be a great idea for a sub forum. It would greatly increase the broadness the site has to offer.

    Before I started hanging outdoors I was looking into homeopathic ways to get better sleep. And the number one way is to have that swing in your lay to get your lymphatic system flowing & pushing out all those toxins that just sit in you when your laying in a stationary bed. So my first thought ,since I wasn't big into backpacking, was to just chain my bed to the ceiling and that seemed like a huge deal with factors like at least 4 connection points , a ceiling fan and the frame swinging into the wall.

    But then I found the mysterious camping hammocks and now whenever I want a deep cleasing sleep I just go outdoors. Which I should add something about sleeping outdoors is cleasing on it own. But you know you have a home so you can't just live outside. So now what about getting that amazing sleep every night? Hah now after a couple months of popping in and out of the forums I came acrosses the most simplest way to get a better night sleep every night with out messing with tarps or condensation .

    It's soooo simple just hang a hammock indoors. I have no idea why the thought didnt just click. Maybe bc it's just very unusual to walk into a BEDroom to see no bed. But usual is usually boring.

    So now I'm on a losted search to find the best method of hanging inside.

    I guess what I'm saying is a sub forum for hanging indoors would bring a whole new group of people to the forum that would other way pass up the site thinking it was just about camp'n/backpack'n.
    Yea I know it makes sence to watch what people are talking about then group the generals together but what about promoting it.
    Why not broaden the forum so people can even know about the topic to talk about it.

    thanks for your time and energy

    Haha and I don't mean to make yalls head spin with the order my thoughts come out.

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    Full blown large Brazilian hammock indoors. I have an ENO DN, but haven't actually camped with it yet.

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    I cycle through my camping hammocks depending on where I'm at.
    If I'm on the mountain currently there is a choice of hopping into a WB Single Traveler or
    a GrizzBridge...if I'm in town there is a Dangerbird setup and a WB Blackbird right next to it. I like Cannibals idea of a cotton model though I do like getting more of my money out of the camping hammocks by giving them double duty; the cycling of them reduces wear on any particular one.

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    I spent the first 3 months sleeping in a Skeeter Beater Pro,,indoors and outdoors every nite comfy,,then tried a GT UL and it was way too short for me to be comfy in,,spent next 3 months trying to get a sweet spot in a WB traveler single 1.7 and half the time I was comfy,,other half was still searching for the sweet spot..then in latter Jan,,got a Wilderness Logics Snipe,,and have had the best sleep ever in it every nite,,indoors and outdoors,,and its the only hammock I use and you can let a bomb off and I wouldn't wake up in the hammock it knocks me out so good. I see no reason to try anything else right now as I can lay in it on either side or back and gone to dream land in a heart beat. Indoors I stretch it out in the living room about 17 ft spread,,outdoors about 14 or so ft. Makes no difference in the spread,,the lay is perfect for me,,I am 6', 165lbs. RL is 108". Now after reading this thread...Cannibal as me thinking.
    2nd CAG, CAP 2-1-5 5th Marines, 1st Mar. Div.

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