Hey there HFs family...Miguel here checking in from the famous Ron haven's Budget Inn in Hiawasse GA. This place rocks! I had a cold one in my hand from the second my feet hit the ground in the parking lot!

The trip has been going well albeit a bit slower than I would have lied. I hooked up with a couple and the wife has been having knee problems. They both left the trail the other day and I have been hiking solo for the past couple of days. My distance doubled immediately.

Overall we've had good weather but very high winds at night. Papa Smurfs dangerbird with the weathershield has been a blessing. The wind was howling the other night but I was snug as a bug inside. The hammock was literally bouncing up and down. I didn't think the Big Daddy tarp was was going to make it but it did. I pulled a reall dumb rookie move that night and didn't thread one of my straps properly through the Dutch clip and the bottom of the clip ripped a hole in the strap. Luckily it didn't set me on my butt and I was in Hiawasse the next day. Not much in the way of gear here so a ratchet strap from the hardware store will have to do until I can get a bonafide replacement....that bright yellow strap just doesn't look right on that dangerbird.

Anyway I'm off tomorrow headed to Franklin NC...finally leaving the great state of GA. Experiencing the thru-hiker community has been awesome...it's one of the best parts of the trip. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my fellow hiker/hammocker Hugh who left springer the same day. True story...after a day or so we discovered Hugh left on his hike with an Eno hammock....much to our dismay that's about all he had. We discovered he brought a mylar blanket in place of a sleeping bag...no pad....no underquilt...four ft straps with no biners or way of adjusting....no stove and all cotton clothing. I schooled him as much as I could and the good folks at Neels Gap hooked him up with some free or greatly reduced gear. Rumor is he's still on the trail.

Happy trails, Miguel