Last night I bought another hammock. I couldn't help myself. I knew I didn't NEED another hammock. I'm not sure that I can USE another hammock. But there it was, the Weight Weenie Micro. It was just sitting there on the internet and it was on SALE.

I tried to ignore it, really I did, but it was like it was calling to me. I've been there before, that's why I have 3 tents, 6 tarps, 3 sleeping bags, 3 backpacks and 2 other hammocks. Leaving the Forum didn't help, checking my email, my FaceBook account, I even tried actually doing some work...

But it was so easy.... a click here, a click there, enter my PayPal password and "dink" a new email message and my "payment has been received".

This addiction is insidious, I never buy gear when anyone else is around. I never have new gear sent to the house. I know I have a problem but I just lose control... My gear closet is full... I can't stop thinking about the next new shiny piece of equipment... is that a hammock sock I hear?