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    Thumbs up $16 Hammock

    I finally got to hang my new $16 hammock from

    From the pics and what I received, it is just as TTTM, Trek, ENO HAAB double models. There is no labeling what so ever on it. Two cords came with it already in the end channels. No hooks.

    The stitching was straight some places - very off line in others and some loose threads. Could these be seconds from the bigger name brands? Although all are the same color pattern - dark olive with light olive side pannels. Maybe they are what the manufacturere use to train the workers to sew?

    I set it up and my bottom touched the ground. The included ropes stretch.

    I re-tied my HF straps to the ropes right up nest to the fabric. Much less stretch. Very comfy, soft material, get nice flat lay on only slight diagonal. I could easily lay on my side or turn, sit, whatever and it all held my 260# fine.

    HOWEVER the side panels flapped over the top closing it off. This would be great for cooler temps, but it got too warm and plus I couldn't see out.

    Was I doing something wrong? It seems the side panels are almost too much material. What say you ENO DN users.

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