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    New comissioned indoor hammock stand built! PICS!

    Well, as the title says. After using my homemade $25 hammock stand for almost three years now in the house as my bed, I have "upgraded".
    While driving around my area, I saw a person that builds porch swings, cedar chests, log homes, cabinets, and other things. Turns out that they are a very talented woodworker. After talking to them and coming up with a design, I now have a very nice stand built from real wood.
    It looks a little like something you might see in a log cabin. The wood is #1 pine 2x6 stock, (stained medium oak) with some oak thrown in for certain pieces. (Tie in verticals) The construction is on an "A" frame design for the ends, slightly modified, with a double 2x6 beam running the length.(think about a roof truss made skinnier, and taller) Span of end legs at the floor is 5'. Height of ends is 6'. Length overall is 10'7". There are NO beams running along the floor to trip, or fall on. Actual tie points are spaced 10'11", just a hair under 11'. Tie height is 41"-61" above the floor adjustable based on length of hammock. Span beam is attached to the ends with 3/8" carriage bolts, and braced to the ends with 2x6 miter cut 45degree braces. Other sections are screwed together. Strange added plus is that both ends lie flat in the bed of a ford 1500 pickup truck. The top beam lied diagonally across the bed corner to corner sticks out the back only about 18" or so.
    When the sun gets up a little more I'll mostly assemble it in the yard, take pics, and post. As this is an indoor stand, I'll assemble it outside for picture purposes only, then rebuild it in the house.
    A HUGE thankyou to dejoha and his hammock hang calculator. I used it extensively to figure out what distance would allow me to hang all my hammocks with the 30deg angle, while keeping this thing a "manageable" size.

    NOTE: The stand was not totally assembled properly as I didn't want to do it just for the pics. As such, the 45degree braces aren't exact, two aren't even installed, and the frame doesn't appear square. When put together it is totally square, and without issue. But I think everyone here will get the idea.

    Note-note: Hammock used is the Hammock Bliss double. 6'8'' x 9'10'' as advertised on their site. Suspension is 1" poly strapworks with stainless steel "D" rings, and black diamond wiregate 'biners.
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