I'm new here, so go easy. I'm just showing something I have found that works exceptionally well, but isn't going to be for the 'elite' guys here. But I have been lurking around long enough to see that there ARE some KISS-simple, lovers of inexpensive solutions that aren't afraid of things that weigh more than 1/2 a pound. So this is more for you guys.

I lurked for a bit last year and was baffled by the depth of complexity some of you take this hammock thing, and the amount of money you pay. MOST of which boils down to one thing: Weight.

I don't really care about weight. So this system might look ridiculous to whoopie slingers (I cut mine off to go to this), but for those on a budget, you'll appreciate this.

What you will see here is a $24 hammock from Walmart (which I LOVE), a set of 12' tie down straps from Harbor Freight Tools that cost $7.00 for both, a $40 Hammock-Bliss Tarp, One Rope Cinch Biner ($4) from Nite-Ize and Two Mad Dog Carabiners ($15). I COULD use one of my 10mil 8x11 brown tarps ($10) and the total cost of this setup would be $53.00.