Hello All,

I've been lurking here quite a while now and finally decided to chime in.

After much consideration, I finally ordered a hammock to use on my annual Men's Fishing Trip into the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. Last year's lack of comfort in a tent was the final straw and I decided to look for something different.

I just ordered the Kammok Roo and Python straps and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little bundle of joy.

I knwo there are quite a few differing opinions about insulation and I wanted to know if anybody had any thoughts on the rig I'm proposing to assemble. I plan on using shock cord to hang a space blanket (reflector side up) a couple of inches below the body of the hammock to ensure there is some dead air between the blanket and the bottom of the hammock to give the reflective surface some room to work its magic. I plan to hang it in a manner where the curve of the blanket is parallel to the curve of the hammock.

I also hope this will block a good amount of wind.

I've looked at some other methods but have reservations.

Underquilts are really expensive and add weight and mass to the backpack (we hike in) so I'm not really sold on those.

I'm 6'6" tall so I don't think I will be able to use a Peapod configuration.

At night the temps fall to about 38 degrees F and I'm hoping not to go the way of the Donner party.

As for other gear adjustments. the caribiners that come with the Roo look solid, but I weigh in at about 300 pounds so I am looking to replace them. I'm sure they will hold as they are rated at 250 pounds each, this is more for peace of mind than anything. Any particular brand or style you guys recommend?

Lastly, I have a good idea as to how I'm going to handle a bug net and rainfly but the more I look around the more I am astounded that I haven't found any rainflys with bug netting built into it. It seems like thsi would be a ntural progression but no luck so far.

I know this is a lot. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks for having me!