I've been noting how far below rated temp a 40F HG Burrow has taken me this winter. Must be a two year old quilt; I'm the second owner.

Come to sell it, I go to answer some questions and find out this is different than the current Burrow in at least 2 ways. Weight is the same, at a hair under 16oz. (I think the down is 800FP or so, hi zoot stuff wasn't available back then (?)). Closure at the top is under the chin, not at the side.

But, at its widest it is 46" (or so), not 50" as in current spec. And it lofts to a a full 2", no question of measurement error, not 1.5". The same quantity of down in a 10% smaller quilt -- plenty big IMO -- would account for that.

No complaint in any of the above. The greater loft explains to me why this Burrow is warmer than WM bags of the same rating. By WM standards, this IS a 30-32F quilt, and it has performed that way, easily.

So, some history here?