I'd like to preface this with a disclaimer: Writing this does not come easily. I have been a customer on two previous occasions, and this is the first negative experience that I've had with Hammock Gear.

In mid-February, I contacted Adam about a custom cuben tarp. He responded promptly and after a brief exchange, I asked if I might have the tarp built to have by March 1st. Adam said that he wasn't sure if he could, but would get back to me after the weekend.

A few days before March 1st, I still hadn't heard from Adam, so I sent another email. Initially he was confused and had, apparently, forgotten about me. He said he could be willing to build and overnight me the tarp if I would cover the shipping - less the usual $10 shipping credit. The shipping would have been quite a lot, and I declined to have the tarp overnighted. Instead, I asked for an invoice and to have my tarp by March 19th.

Two weeks later, I still hadn't received an invoice, and so I emailed Adam again and asked (again) if I could have the tarp by the 19th. I received a prompt response containing an invoice and a note saying that it wouldn't be a problem to have the tarp by the 19th.

The 19th came and went, and I emailed Adam once again on March 23rd. He responded that he had run into cuben supply issues and would be unable to get me the tarp until his shipment came on the 28th or 29th. This is when I finally began to get impatient. Clearly, there had been supply for the tarp three weeks before, when he offered to overnight the tarp to me. I brought my frustration to Adam's attention, and he accepted responsibility. He offered me a discount on a HG product or a partial refund in addition to the tarp. I asked what discount could be offered on a 0* Phoenix, and what the potential 'partial refund' could be.

On the 25th, I received a response from Jen that they could offer me a 20% discount on a Phoenix. I thought that sounded reasonable and replied asking for an invoice (hoping, secretly, that I might be able to get that Phoenix in the same package). Unfortunately, I still haven't received that invoice.

Now, I know that this is a busy time for HammockGear. Tax season/Spring rush, website update, big move, etc., but I'm having a hard time getting past this. At this point, I just want my stuff, and I think I've been reasonable. I'm hopeful that the discounted invoice for the Phoenix will arrive soon and I'll receive all of my shiny new HG stuff a few days later!