I agree with Randy in some ways. What is the point? Is this to warn future customers? Or scold Adam and Jen for their faults. Small business is tough, even tougher in growth/success. It is a shame about the communination issues that yall have had. Id understand a "warning shot" if you had lost out on money or products but your only out a deal. I have had small issues in my 6 custom orders from HG and have had nothing but success in the end. Theyve always went the extra mile to make things right or better. Also I chose to handle mine privately, just my style. Feb and March was a crazy time for them it sounds like. Im sure with their new growth they are planning for a smoother customer service. Have you tried calling? Maybe things and feelings could be better relayed.

Support small business, they strive for perfection but its possible to have a horror story or two. Just what it is. Im sure theyll make it right....or there is REI