Well last weekend I decided to sew up a new hammock. I had received 5 yards of 1.5 oz from DIY gear supply. They were great, answered my questions and quickly shipped my material and goodies. I'm still fighting with just how to use my pads but I'm getting closer to a final solution. So back to my hammock, I used 1.5 oz rip stop in green and began to sew. I used Knotty's design for a stretch side and it is fantastic. You can adjust the sides to get rid of any floppy material and it allows you to make a nice foot back. Heres a few pics. Thank Knotty for your help and advice. It is 57" x 128". I also made all new suspension, yellow on the head end and grey on the foot end. Waiting on 2.2 zing-it for ridge line and bear bag line.