Hello everyone! I'm a Hammock newbie...not totally converted yet, but 75% there! I met some Hammock Hangers at the SoRuck and became very interested it. I had been looking for a lighter weight tent than my current one. But, now maybe not!

Anyhoo, I came home from the Ruck to discover the hammock I had received as a gift a few years back is an ENO. Wheeeee! I've already set it up on my backporch, with a ridgerest and my 30 degree down bag in 47 degree weather for just a short nap to see how I liked it and I LOVE it!!! (do ya'll use down or synthetic, by the way??? Is it personal pref?)

So, I can not find any pictures or directions of how you set up your hammock as a bivy on the ground, if you are in a tree barren area. Can some kind soul please enlighten me or point me to a webpage?

Thank you!