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    Hammock for cold weather camping - Noob

    Hi Folks

    I have been visiting this forum lately and have decided to try a hammock for trail use.

    I live in the nothern part of Norway, north of the artic circle, and plan to use the hammock as a 3 season solution.

    Summer temp here is usally 40-70 F. And in the fall 20 F is not unusal (night temp).

    My last hammock experience was 15 years ago. In a pocket-sized fishnet survival hammock. And i remeber it was cold... I had to wrap my sleeping bag around the hammoc in order to stay warm, and the fishnet dug into my body like barbed wire. It was a cold and painfull experience

    Todays hammocks looks much better. And I will give it a try.

    i'm thinking of using a therm-a-rest or simillar if I have to sleep on the ground.

    Any suggestions for what kind of hammock/tarp i need to stay dry and warm?


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