Thanks everyone for the best wishes. I'm really looking forward to getting out.

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dry sacks are your friend. I use them liberally just in case. Good luck, and grand adventures.

I always use a pack liner, just got a new cuben one from Joe at Z-Packs. So yeah I guess in actuality even if my gear was in the pack it would of stayed dry. That would of been a good test for my pack liner.

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sometimes the leak comes from NOT putting the cap correctly...just saying...
Thanks peanuts, I checked the cap. Their is a leak in the seam of the platty at the top where the cap screws on. I've had years and years of use out of this so I feel I got my monies worth. But thanks for the tip.

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I do the backpacking dog walks too. The neighbors just stare.haha Glad ya found out before hand, ive been packing a extra platy JIC sometimes. Have a great trip!
And instead of carrying an extra platty I like to carry a 1L aquafina bottle. I like to have at least one plastic bottle with me in case my platty pops a leak. Same concept of carrying a back up platty however at camp I much more prefer drinking out of a bottle and it makes for fast fill up of water on the trail if I don't feel like digging my platty out of my pack.

Any ways I'm off to fill my pack with the downy goodness of Hammock Gear, the comfort of WBBB, The ultra lightness of Z-Packs Cuben tarps and sacks and lots of yummy snacks.

Talk to yall when I get back,