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    Quilt Hooks?

    One of the challenges I faced with my HH and insulation is adjusting once inside. With my BB I can simply reach through the zipper and adjust.

    That said, I bet using Dutch quilt hooks (and in place of triangle thingies Dutch has real inexpensive ridgeline quilt hooks) would keep everything lined up once you're in. That said, I really like my AHE UQ, and I love my HG Phoenix. Both will work well, but any new configuration needs practice and fine tuning based on the individual and the setting.

    Oh yeah, I'm toying with using my Hennessey pad AND my UQ together. While the HH Pad adds some bulk it is so light it seems a shame to leave it out of my pack.
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    sil-nylon rain fly
    bag/pad combo
    I recommend getting the jacks r better nest. It is specifically designed for the hennssey hammock and it is good down to the twenty's. If you have $$$ then I would get the winter nest, it is good down to single digits.
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