Just opened up my custom burrow from HG. 20* long/wide. Its beautiful. I went with the snap foot box. It fluffed in minutes and I was napping with it minutes after.
I thought it was going to be here last week and so did Jenny. After I did not receive a shipping notice over the weekend after talking with Jenny I email her. She said everything gets double checked before shipping and her assistant found mine to be a regular not wide. She offered to bumb me to priority and two day FedEx it in time for my trip last Friday. Well Thursday came with an email saying that their down shipment had just came in and they would ship my quilt on Friday, with a free pillow! I was disappointed that I missed out using my new quilt on the trip but looking forward to the next one. I would much rather have the right quilt later than expected than the wrong quilt early!

Thanks HG.