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Is that like "flammable" and "inflammable"?!?!

Very nice system, Grizz. Makes me think about making a bridge hammock system for myself. Hmmm... .

Thanks for the videos and the inspiration!
Now then there's no reason why a talented DIY aficionado like you couldn't knock one off. Maybe someone has put some instructions up to help...

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To have a sub 3ib hammock set up that is a bridge is amazing. Really cool!

Thanks Fronkey---you can take that as a goal for yours when you have the time to make one. There's no rocket science here. A bridge hammock uses less material in the body, about the same material for the bugnet, and potentially less for an underquilt than a gathered-end hammock. The gotchas are the poles, and webbing used on the sides for suspension. Get rid of the single-use poles and replace the webbing with lightweight but strong cord, and you can just glide on home to a lightweight bridge hammock.