I made myself a whole new setup to lighten my load. Currently I have a DL 1.0 blackbird that is my camping hammock, but I thought that I could perhaps lighten it up a bit and play with some fabric and my new sewing machine. Here's what I came up with:
I used the ACU 1.1 camo ripstop from the group buy in Feb (which really is 1.0oz/yd) to make the hammock body. This was my first hammock to sew and managing the fabric was a bit of an ordeal, but I figured it out. I cut the fabric to 126" by 60". Instead of a 1 step rolled hem, I folded the fabric once and hemmed, then folded again and hemmed it. 2 stitches instead of 1, but I got it done- and left a nice channel for the Knotty mod later if needed, but I found it isn't necessary.
For the ends, I did the W whipping like JustJeff has on his site using two replacement shoelaces for dress shoes. This was meant to be temporary, but it is so comfy that it probably will be permanent.
I made my own whoopies. This was my first splicing ever, but I was convinced I could do it without tools after watching this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dgCy...layer_embedded
They really do only take 15 minutes, even for someone who's never done it before.
Then, I got busy with the bug sock. I made one Fronkey style out of $1.29/yd grey tulle from WM. A thread on this can be seen here: http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/s...ad.php?t=50316
I added a double sided stuff sack from WM ripstop to store it all in.

My final product looks like this:

The specs:
Hammock finished size is 120"x58" weighing in at 6oz
Bug net: 2.4oz
Slings and bag: 2oz
Total package: 10.4oz

Hammock fabric: $7
Tulle: $8
Whoopies: free (PIF amsteel!)

I've got some really long tree straps that I got in the PIF that I'm going to cut down and re-sew loop onto to comlete the package. I'll have a 12oz camping setup in bug season. Next up: the tarp.