I just got this in the mail a couple of days ago and wanted to experiment with the stock suspension without investing much time or effort, basically the KISS method, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures. All I've done is secure 2 descending rings on one end of the strap via a bowline, then wrap the other end around the "tree" and then use the rings as in other popular configurations. The only extra hardware needed is the rings, and it's very easy to adjust (note these are not climbing grade rings, just something I picked up at the hardware store, but I suspect they will do the job). Don't even need tree straps because the stock Claytor suspension is plenty long enough for all but the burliest of trees:

This is how the rings attach. The bowline knot is on the left, and the adjustable end is on the right, with the slip hitch securing.

This is showing how it would look going around the tree, note in a real setup it would be wrapped at least once around, but I have a hook on the other side which keeps the strap from sliding down.

And the other side... you can also see how the bug netting is kept off your face using the attached string / shock-cord and makeshift spreader (in this case, a drumstick).