I'm new to hammock camping and been reading alot on here. Thanks for all the knowledge and advice you guys have. I've rigged my HH Exp. with Whoopie slings. I've got a short continous loop in each end of the hammock so I've got about a 4 inch loop. I'm trying to connect my Whoopie Sling end loop onto it. Would it be better to use a plain hitch to connect the two or use a toggle? The toggle is easier to get out since the hitch tightens down when I get in the hammock but I don't know if I'll ever need to take it apart anyway. That's the only reason I'd want to use the toggle although I would run the risk of losing the toggle (I could always use a stick). Which would be better?

Something else I just thought of. I've just put snakeskins on the hammock. Would the toggle get in the way of pulling up the snakeskins?