Alright, I've spent all evening (and past few days) scouring this section for answers but I'm still not sure (info overload? perhaps).

I am just starting and my ENO DoubleNest is on its way (any day now!!!!!!!), and I'm looking for a simple suspension for it. Right now I'm not worried about weight or ridgelines/tarps/nets/etc or fanciness or anything, I just want to hang. I've settled on using webbing and I am not afraid of knots, so I'm looking for how best to utilize the stock rope and biner that comes with my hammock, plus webbing, to come up with a strong suspension method. And I have a few questions:

1. Strap strength: I've seen this question asked periodically, but I'm still not 100% sure what I need. I bought the ENO DN so that I could use it with two people, so I'm probably looking at up to a 350ish lb load. What should my straps be rated? Also, breaking strength vs. working load? Which number do I want to pay attention to?

2. I've been looking for straps (polyester, of course) and I like the idea of just buying tow straps/tie downs/whatever from my local hardware store. From what I've found that is available in store, most of the higher-strength rated straps are 2". If I need a strap rated that high, how does this differ from 1" as far as flexibility, tie-ability, etc? Does it work just as well or is 1" significantly better?

3. I've watched Grizz's primer on webbing (which is excellent, thank you!), I've seen Shug's videos, I've seen the Mors Kochanski non-inverting slippery bowline suspension vid, I've tried to look for anything that relates to what I'm doing and I'm just looking at how best to put everything together with what I currently have. Suggestions?

4. Is there anything I'm missing? Are there any "Oh, you should just try ___!" or "No, that won't work because ___." comments?

Thanks for everything, y'all are awesome!