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    Try doing it this way:

    This is the "ring buckle" method that everyone is referring to. There are many ways of suspending the hammock. The two most popular methods around here are probably the ring buckle method and cinch buckles, so you are on the right track.

    Are you saying there is a channel on the end which you can undo to make the hammock a ground setup? If so, you can still use the ring/buckle setup by taking apart your current setup, and replacing it with the rings. Just take a rope, bend it in half to form a larkshead around the rings. Then, tie a stopper knot at the end of the two ropes and thread it through the channel. Lastly, pull the rings in between the two ropes, and pull everything tight. This will cinch up the end as it was before, but leave two rings you can use like described above.

    I have never seen your hammock, so I am not sure this will work. Maybe someone with a Jungle hammmcok will chime in who can visualize what I am describing here, and tell you if it will work. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by exposetheNWO View Post
    did some testing today...the "cinch" ring on the left failed miserably. It merely slowed the absortion down, but didnt stop it. It was the closest thing i could find to the cinch rings neo posted. The ring on the right works fine and is about 2 inches in diameter, made from stainless steel.

    i dont think i will attach the ring to the hammock itself, as this will mean the ends of the hammock cant be flared open ....this will mean people cant use the hammock as a tent on the ground (its a jungle hammock) i think i will throw the rings in loose and people can use them as and when required. I am trying to work out how to put these pics in so they are big but I am only getting thumbnails.....
    Are you re-selling these hammocks ?
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    not re-selling anything...just playing around with a prototype of something I might try to market at a later date... Nothing spectacular.

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