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    I've bought my last hammock!

    Seriously! I got my dangerbird today and I don't think I need anymore. Instant sweet spot, easy on the knees. And that overcover! Wow does that thing add some warmth. I'm actually laying in it now with a down uq and pad for my legs and no top insulation and I'm comfortable! Ambient temperature is about 35* F. Roomy interior too, feels way bigger than my former blackbird. I'm digging the color (it's chocolate).

    And a few words about my new netless hammock too. I picked up a snipe from wilderness logics recently and it also quite exceptional in the comfort department. I'll be using that any time I need go lighter than the dangerbird. Which randy actually weighed my particular hammock and put the finished weight on the packing slip. A touch over 30 oz. w / suspension and straps. Not too bad

    The customer service from both vendors was absolutely outstanding and I would never hesitate to order from them again!
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