New to the Forum - I live in UK - North Wales to be precise - and am the proud owner/user of a Hennessey Hammock for the last 6 or 7 years.

Last night having a drink with friends in a Central London pub we got into discussion with a homeless guy who was in the pub having a drink - he was carrying a rucksack and a Ukelele that he was taking to Ukelele Wednesday - A regular gathering of Eukelele players in London!

The subject got onto where he slept and he told me he sleeps in a Hennessey Hammock anywhere he can find to pitch it in London and he has been sleeping in the Hammock for 2 years! I mentioned I too have a Hennessey Hammock and I was the first person he'd ever spoken to that had one as well as him. 2 years in a Hammock is pretty extreme I thought, as London Winters can be cold - he told me he uses a closed cell foam mattress to insulate his back from the cold when Winter Hammocking.

Which raises the question - does anybody know anyone who can beat 2 years sleeping in a hammock?

Great Forum by the way - some excellent tips!