I'm 2 weeks into my thru hike & I wanted to take a minute to check in. I'm not logging the long miles I'd planned, but I'm expecting those mythical trail legs to kick in soon. And everyday I hike with a big, stupid grin on my face. Whatever surprises each day holds I know every night I'll be sleeping comfortably in my DIY gathered end hammock, cradled by my DIY insultex underquilt, cozy under my modified Rab top quilt. On all but the clearest nights I top this setup with my OES cat standard. That lovely tarp sets up so neatly that even a novice looks as if she knows what she's doing. 8 months ago I'd never even heard of hammock camping & here I am. I want to thank all the contributors to this forum and a special thanks to the Ohio hangers I had the pleasure of meeting & learning from this winter. I hope everyone who has the urge gets the chance to do this someday. It's AMAZING!