I am about to make a top quilt with Momentum 50 and 1 layer of 6.0 oz per yard Primaloft from thru-hiker. I understand that Primaloft requires stabilizing to keep the fibers from moving. Rainshed recommends 24" centers for weights over 100g/sq meter and greater.

So I understand you can do this using yarn. If I go this route should I quilt to the top layer, bottom layer, or both?

As an alternative to yarn, I was thinking about using lines of stitching for a better appearance. I just bought a Patagonia Nanopuff which uses Primaloft. In looking at it, it appears to use this method to stabilize the Primaloft to the outer shell only. It is continuously sewn in roughly 3" x 5" squares.

I understand the stitching method would compress the insulation in the areas of stitching, but would this have a significant impact to the warmth of the quilt? Any other considerations I should be thinking about?