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    Okay, so what's my shopping list?

    I'm switching from ground-dwelling to hanging. I've been a trailside ground-dweller since 1970, but the old bones are getting complainy.

    The changeover requires new gear, a lot of which is unfamiliar to me. I would like some help coming up with a shopping list.

    Here's what I got so far:
    • Hammock: JrB BMBH (I'm a side-sleeper and this is the hammock I plan to buy),
    • Upper Quilt: I have a brand new Nunatak upper and a down balaclava,
    • Tarp (will make my own or get a JrB),
    • Under quilt -- not this season, too spendy. I have a Neoair large which I'll use this time, will save my pennies for a proper quilt next season.
    • Cordage and knot-tying ability.

    So what else does a fellow need to have a complete hammock outfit? I hear tell of things like "tarp skins" and "whoopie slings" and other mysterious items. Help me complete my shopping list.

    Edit: BTW, I'm not looking for brands/models recommendations, just a lit of the bits and pieces needed to get this thing up in the air and me snug under it.
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    Whoopies/ Dutch
    Tarp skins wrap the whole tarp up like a big snake instead of keeping it in a stuff sack. It's supposed to be easier to deploy in wind and such too I believe but I haven't had time to try mine yet.

    Tree straps to protect the tree and whoopie slings to attach the hammock to the straps. Big plus is the adjustability.

    I'd look into the book The Ultimate Hang.

    Take a gander at Shug's videos too. Lots of good info and entertaining too.

    Welcome to the family.
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    Sounds like you're pretty set. Maybe a look over at Dutchware for your tarp ridgeline and hammock suspension if you like (though much of this - suspension wise - should come with the hammock). You can use much of your ground dwelling gear to cross over (pack, tarp stakes, cookware etc). Have fun!
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    Whatever gear you wind up with, you are only minutes away from all kinds of great camping places, views totally out of sight. Beautiful country.

    And, welcome to hanging from North Ga.

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    Tarp skins or Snake skins, for sure, and either a set for the hammock or a black bishop bag. Maybe look at the Lazy Slug Skins, that allow you to pack Hammock OQ and UQ together.

    One or a combination of the above for sure.

    Now that the wet tarp is in it's own set of skins, might as well add-on an outside mesh pocket, if you don't have one already on your pack. That will provide a great place for that wet or damp tarp. Keep it out of the main compartment of your pack, and keep it handy for quick deployment.

    Some Dutchware, might make set up, quicker, simpler, no brainer, w/o significant weight penalty. Knots are great, but Whoopie slings are light weight and handy, and you can make your own, to fulfill your desire for Knotsmanship, with splicing.

    A Peak bag and/or Ridge line organizer, will come in handy. Can be made, purchased or just use a small stuff sack, you might already have.

    Don't forget to create dip lines, with either a knottail or something else connected to the hammock suspension a few inches under the overhang of your tarp coverage, to divert whatever water finds its way down the lines. These can be as simple as positioning the Whoopie Sling properly or clipping a potato sack bag tie on the lines.

    A few control hangs in the back yard or car camps, where you can fiddle with insulation and things, will make a huge difference. As will as a second set of hands. Attending any of the HF hangs, that might be going on in your area, will open up even more options and provide an opportunity to lay your eyes and hands, on many different set ups, and ways to achieve them.

    I'm a side sleeper too! Don't think you have to be regulated to a certain type, brand of hammock. The bridges do hang flat, but an 11' x 60" inches wide, channeled or gathered end, provides many with an extremely flat diagonal lay, which does allow some with UQ's anyway to twist and turn quite a bit. I've heard only good things, but for weight concerns, about the BMBH, and unless you were already UL on the ground, you'll still be way lighter than before.

    Pack, Shelter, Insulation. That's where you save the most, in terms of pounds and ounces. It's also where you pour the most cash in to get there as well. The first two, you can do a little clearance shopping, watch the sale boards, and save yourself a good amount of cash. Use those savings to invest in a quality cottage built UQ, of a proper temp range. Pads are great. You already have one, but an UQ will turn the entire tub, into a warm downy nest, of goodness.

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    Get the hammock, try it out. What you need will become apparent. There are all kinds of ways to do things and gadgets to help you out, but everyone finds their own balance. Make sure you have the bare minimum to hang, and see what you'd like to change. You will find dozens of options on the forums to choose from.

    I do agree that a way to easily pack up the hammock and tarp is nice, but I have done fine with the sacks that came with my gear. Just got snakeskins for my hammock, but haven't used them yet.

    Also make sure you have what you need to tie out the tarp: line and stakes. You probably have all that from your ground dwelling days.

    When I made the change, I think all I needed at first was the hammock (came with a tarp) and a sleeping pad (which I rarely use--more trouble than it's worth to me). Upgrades happened as I used it and decided what changes would benefit me the most:
    tarp tie outs
    bigger tarp
    snake skins

    And of course I'm not done. I plan to get some doo-dads to streamline my suspension set-up, and get some kind of skins/sack for my tarp. And then when the hammock can't be improved any further, I guess it's time to start over with a new hammock.

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    and buy The Ultimate Hang either in paperback or Kindle version. The book that 'splains it all.

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