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    ripped mosquito mesh


    I recently bought an Ergo hammock.
    It's comfortable to sleep in. I am a sidesleeper. However it has some issues;

    -The No-see-um mosquito mesh ripped in a few places after a few days...
    -The included cordage is not very strong, it showed wear & tear after 2 single uses. Also it has too much give. IMHO it would be a good idea to include a set of tree-huggers & whoopieslings. It would make the package more user friendly.
    -The included sleeve only covers the cordage, it should cover the complete hammock, like the Hennessy sleeves.
    -I am 1.80 meter tall & lengthwise it feels very small inside, especially when the mosquito-mesh is closed. The width is perfect. A larger version would certainly be a good idea.
    Overal some good ideas despite some serious design faults. I own a few hammocks so I'm able to compare different brands. None of them has ripped fabric. To me these are unacceptable flaws for a 350 $

    It must be said, the tarp is very good en versatile.

    I will be returning the Ergo to my retail store, hopefully it can be repaired. However I doubt it because the ripping is inherent to it's design. I have contacted Exped twice. I did not receive an answer to my first mail. The answer to my second mail came after 3 1/2 months...The replied that all the damage was "wear issue", strange as I only used it for 2 nights...Not a word on warranty or replacement, not very happy about that.

    I've included some pictures.



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    Exped ergo combi
    Exped tarp
    Ahe jarbridge rive
    Button hole rope
    Do you have to purchase the hammock and tarp together?

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    Very cool- have not seen this one before. It is great to see someone come out with new systems. For a complete system, the price is not bad. I'm not sure I'm sold on the design. It seems like a fairly complex way to solve the problem of a flatter lay . Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems a bridge hammock solves this problem just as well without all the complex "rigging".

    One observation I have with this is it seems to make hanging the tarp somewhat unnatural. The perpendicular hang creates the need for a tarp that is rather large just to provide basic coverage, and the tarp doesn't provide any side protection from wind.

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    What size mat is best to use with this hammock?

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    Just picked one of these up from Sierra Trading Post, with 40% off fb coupon (expires tonight, but they have 35% ones all the time if you get on their spam list) it was 150$. As I understand it the weak point seems to be the netting at the zipper (and height restrictions)? Does the tightness of the pitch affect this?

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    any cottage makers attempted to make these. It seems Exped is garbage from what I see.

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